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Our Best Pinot Gris Yet!

We collected our Pinot Gris from the winery yesterday and the wine maker said it was our best yet so we were absolutely thrilled with that! And when we tasted it, we all agreed with him – there is lots of body and lingering flavours, so if you like a good Pinot Gris, this year’s White Rock is a must!

Pinot Gris is gaining popularity and just about overtaking Sauvignon Blanc, which has been a favourite at barbecues and get-togethers for a number of years now. The Pinot has even been thrown out of the alternative variety shows because it has become so mainstream. We made the decision to plant Pinot Gris instead of Sauv Blanc after tasting them both several years ago. Despite the popularity of Sauv Blanc, we went with the Pinot Gris because we thought it was so much better and now it looks as though that is paying off.

A great wine will always win out in the end!

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